The Battle for Olympia 2003 Vol. VIII (Bodybuilding)

Enjoy 339 minutes of hardcore training from bodybuilding pros competing in the Olympia.
Disc 1 – total length approx. 3:00:18
Melvin Anthony Jr : Back (30:20),
Troy Alves: Back, Biceps (27:21),
Dexter Jackson: Shoulders, Arms (23:36),
Claude Groulx: Arms, Chest, Shoulders (20:12),
Darrem Charles: Arms (27:04),
Art Atwood: Back, Biceps(32:45)
Rodney St. Cloud: Chest (19:00),
Disc 2 – total length approx. 2:38:39
Ronnie Coleman: Legs (27:35),
Dennis James: Legs(21:25),
Gunter Schlierkamp: Chest (25:43);
Backstage / Judging(17:26);
Expo(3:02), Backstage / Finals (20:33)
Jay Cutler: Chest, Biceps (17:11),
Jonathan Davie: Chest, Arms, Legs (13:22)
Extras: (12:22)

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