Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery: Twenty True Stories from the Soul (Reflections of America)

Whether addicted or not, we all have stories to tell.

The stories of tragedy and redemption found within Tales of Addiction are not about the well known celebrities you find in the usual tabloids. Rather, these stories are true-grit tales told by people you will never meet but whose words will haunt you for months, years maybe. The author collected the stories for over two years through a “call for stories” she put in journals, workshops and lectures. Interwoven throughout, Barbara and her son share their own story of pain and struggle. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How an addict’s life begins 
  • Understand the difficulties in taking initial steps to uncover denial 
  • Intimate details of how many stay straight and sober 
  • Gain a new perspective about our national addiction population 
  • Learn why that Something More means so much to so many 
  • What happens when the addict or alcoholic loses their battle 
  • How you can help

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Anonymous on April 27, 2019 at 13:02.

A national program to expand addiction treatment for those who desire treatment is needed! “Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery” by Barbara Sinor is a collection of stories about addiction and recovery, some of which are inspirational, some which portray the hard-fought successes and some which depict the heart-breaking realities of addiction. The most poignant story by far is the author’s own tale of dealing with her son’s alcoholism and eventual death. It angers me to read about someone losing their fight with addiction while waiting to get into treatment after being…

Anonymous on April 27, 2019 at 13:32.

Not so great – didn’t fulfill its promises When I was going through addictions treatment, I bought several books to help encourage myself. I love to read, especially about others’ lives, so I read many, many books.The premise of this one is good, but it didn’t keep me interested whatsoever. The stories aren’t very well written, and they didn’t make me care about the people. It wasn’t inspiring to me, and I ended up skimming through some of it with the hope I’d find something I liked. No dice. (Boring and so poorly written…

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