Real People Real Recovery: Overcoming Addiction in Modern America

The opioid epidemic is laying waste to America. Overdose deaths have decimated a generation and lowered overall life expectancy. Between the greed of Big Pharma, the war on drugs, and ineffectual treatment, addicts and their families face an uphill battle in getting the help they need. But there is a way out! Noted recovery professionals Eric Spofford and Piers Kaniuka are providing some much needed hope. In this book, they describe how they beat opiate addiction and went on to help thousands of addicts find recovery. Along the way, they discuss the root causes of the current opiate epidemic, which include dislocation, the prison industrial complex, the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, stress, racism, poverty, and much more. In addition, Real People, Real Recovery explains the difference between recovery and sobriety and what actually constitutes success in treatment.

Key Features:

  • Provides useful, unique information on how to choose the right treatment center for yourself or your loved one
  • Offers valuable insight from two of the leading voices in the New England recovery community as well as input from their team of experts and valued pioneers in the field
  • Thoroughly explains their model of addiction treatment, which focuses on the root causes of addiction and why meaning, purpose, and connection are essential to recovery
  • Analyzes and assesses the societal factors that are exacerbating the opioid epidemic in the U.S.
  • Provides a unique blueprint for recovery that weds the 12 Steps and the dislocation theory of addiction

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