Nature In Hand Charcoal Anti Ordor Acupuncture Foot Massage Insoles (Trim to Fit: men’s size 6-10/ women’s size 7-11)

Size: US MEN 6(US WOMEN 7) =240mm

US MEN 6.5(US WOMEN 7.5) =245mm

US MEN 7(US WOMEN 8) =250mm

US MEN 7.5(US WOMEN 8.5) =255mm

US MEN 8(US WOMEN 9) =260mm

US MEN 8.5(US WOMEN 9.5) =265mm

US MEN 9(US WOMEN 10) =270mm

US MEN 9.5(US WOMEN 10.5) =275mm

US MEN 10(US WOMEN 11) =280mm

-Acupressure insoles are effectively stimulating the pressure points on the soles of your feet to improve your blood circulation, meanwhile massaging to release foot fatigue its feel refresh all time.

– Charcoal base with impregnated activated carbon particles, which helps to prevent unpleasant foot odors.

Product Features

  • Acupressure points improve blood circulation
  • Charcoal Eliminating odor and Preventing bad smell
  • Materials: PVC+ Charcoal
  • One Size(Trim to fit): US Men’s size 6-10/ US Women’s size 7-11
  • Brand new & high quality Model/ Made In Korea

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Anonymous on August 14, 2019 at 05:07.

Pain from ankle to back is gone I have flat feet, plantar fasciitis, tendentious in my ankle, knee pain, sciatica pain in my hip, back spasms from whiplash. I tried this as soon as I got them unfortunately without socks the first time. My feet got extremely sore, but then I notices my other pains had all subsided. The next day I put on socks and put them in my crocs to work. There was a mild discomfort in my feet but worth it to have my other pains all gone!! My feet are getting use to them as I continue to wear them and the…

Anonymous on August 14, 2019 at 05:20.

They’re good for the price and smell good with the charcoal They’re good for the price and smell good with the charcoal. They work in my sandals with heel cups but you would normally wear them in shoes. They probably would work good with my skate shoes. The only thing about these is they’re a little slim which means they fit in all kinds of shoes easily, but since they’re made to be easy to cut I would like them more to be a little wider in the forefoot.They feel kind of soft under the feet, not as much pressure as I was expecting…

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