Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders: Elevating and Transforming the Way We Lead Ourselves and Others in a New and Conscious Way

There are many ways to be a leader, but some leaders are those rare people who not only lead, they purposefully and consciously ignite passion in others. But how do they do it?

In this book, you’ll find thirty-five unique stories of conscious leadership designed to IGNITE and inspire those on the planet working toward a better future for everyone through consciousness and leadership. It is written to touch the heart and fuel the soul.

Thirty-five authors have come together to share the ‘Ignite’ moment that propelled them forward into the arena of helping others, redefining norms, healing hearts and up-leveling the vibration of humankind. These stories exemplify consciousness, connection, mindfulness, spirituality, awakening, and transformation.

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Anonymous on January 2, 2020 at 19:26.

Abundant wise gems in this insightful, thought provoking book Global insightful heartwarming and thought provoking. Compelling stories taking lucky readers around the globe from Dubai to Seattle and so many places in between. I so loved Wisdom Soup creator, Anne Tucker, in her vulnerable story behind the Virtues Game which lead to her AHA moment…and by virtue of sharing it – the Aha became one for me too. Her story illustrates how our inner world is mirrored in our outer world and how we can understand, grow and affect change starting with ourself…

Anonymous on January 2, 2020 at 19:37.

What if you’re burned out from playing it small? Anne Tucker (author of the “What You Make, Makes You” ) chapter asked me kindly if I was aware that energetically I was ‘all water and no fire.’ Her gentle question saved not only my business, but likely my ability to fulfill my life purpose. I was deeply burned out from my heart-centered business not being viable and by playing it small.Working with Anne via both her Business Energetics and Wisdom Soup platforms allowed me to balance up my energy, and to not only play to my…

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