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Anonymous on November 1, 2019 at 16:49.

Poor 3D on blu ray; very surprised This is a 3D only review of Gravity 3D (3D + Blu-ray + Ultraviolet) selling now on Prime for $12.99. VERY surprised at the poor 3D here. Cinemablend’s “To 3D or Not” scale ranks Gravity 35 out of 35, but their reviews are of the film seen in a theater. The only thing I can assume here is that the blu ray is different. There is nearly NO 3D in most of this movie. (LG OLED65E6P) There are a few scenes of Sandra Bullock floating through narrow corridors and debris flying toward you that…

Anonymous on November 1, 2019 at 17:19.

Wonderful DVD+Blu-Ray+3D-Blu-Ray package – but expired digital code :( “Digital Copy” problem: Customers should be aware that this edition contains an expired/invalid digital license code, so it doesn’t in fact come with a digital copy as advertised. If you want the digital copy you will have to purchase it separately or order an edition manufactured within the past year that comes with a license redemption code that is not expired.The primary selling point for my purchase was the digital version was included along with 3D-BR+BR+DVD versions, so I…

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