Electric Acupuncture Stimulator Machine,Massager Care 6 Output Patch,Relax Muscles and Relieve Fatigue


-Output Pulse Road: 6 Channels outputs

-Input Power: <20VA+15%; the fuse is slow fusing 0.5A

-Output Pulse frequency:1.2Hz~55Hz, the error range of±30% continuous adjustable.

-Output Pulse width: 0.6±0.15ms

-Suitable Range of Voltage of Power Supply: AC 110~240V, 50Hz; DC 9V+5%, 9V-10%.

-Range of Atmosphere Pressure: 500hpa to 1060 hpa.

-Size: 21.7cmx16.7cmx7.5cm

-Weight: 1390g


-It will be an aid to detect acupoint.

-To have needle-free acupuncture pulse electrical therapy.

-Therapy with electro needle.

-Replacement of manual massage.

– Music timer switch for medical treatment

-Device protection protection device


-The device is very safe and efficient in the treatment due to its output pulse. Waves with low voltage, low frequency and with the same frequency range as the body.

-There are 5 types of pulse waves that are selected: continuous wave, dense dispersion wave, intermittent wave, wave wave, breathing wave.

– Four types of wave combinations can be used at the same time or separately. And the output of each can be regulated independently. To strengthen the effect, make the two outputs or more cross to use them.

Package included:

1xKWD808-I Multipurpose health device

1x Acupoint Detecting Pen

5x Output Electrode Wires

1x Inserting Output Electrode Wires

10x Small Electrode sticker

2x Big Electrode sticker

1x Fixed tape

1x Instruction manual

1x Acupoint figure

1x AC adaptor (100V-240V)

Product Features

  • -Replaced the traditional manual massage method,using electrotherapy massage and acupuncture, not only can improve blood circulation,eliminate pain and phlegm, enhance the body’s resistance to disease, and can also be used to treat chronic arthritis and other diseases.
  • -With a sensitivity probe positioner,the frequency and intensity can be adjusted according to different conditions.
  • -There are 5 kinds of pulse waves to choose from: continuous wave, dense wave, intermittent wave, ripple, respiratory wave.
  • -It has the characteristics of low voltage, low frequency,bidirectional,and operation output protection device,which can be handled safely.
  • -With automatic timing switch.There will also be music tips during use.

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