CUBEFIT Terramat | The Original Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat with Built-in Acupuncture Balance Bar for 11 possible stances! [Must-Have for Any Standing Desk] (Brown)

The TerraMat is the next evolution of the standing desk mat, replacing the former floor mats for office. It is designed to keep you moving behind your desk, improve fitness, and increase productivity at work whether at home, in the office, or even as a kitchen mat or kitchen rug.

A Standing Desk’s Best Friend: As seen on Forbes and The Huffington Post, TerraMat’s design drives subconscious movement, which allows you to stand for longer period of time.

Feel Energized: Lethargic from sitting on a chair or standing still all day? With a variety of 3D topographical features, the cushioned terrain keeps you moving and feeling more energized

Work Out…At Work: Studies show that continual movement burns more calories than sitting or standing still.

Relieve Stress: Rough day at work? Take 5 and give yourself a foot massage on the TerraMat’s acupuncture balance bar. Unleash your inner Yogi with various stretches and poses made possible by its design, too!

3D Features Make Stretching & Massaging Easy: Balance Bar (works your core and lets you do calf raises), Massage Mounds (massages the soles of your feet), Power Wedge (stretches out your calf), Support Track (stretches out your hip flexors), Acupuncture Peaks (stimulates your feet) etc.

Product Features

  • HIGHEST-QUALITY MATERIAL: Most standing desk mats are flat, boring, and way too thin. The TerraMat is built thicker than our competitors with 100% Phthalate-free material which allows it to be naturally wear resistance, antibacterial, and shock-absorbent to provide durability and more comfort for your feet and legs.
  • MORE 3D SPECIAL FEATURES: Designed by a personal trainer and engineer, the foam-like 3D features include a full Balance Bar (works your core and lets you do calf raises), Two Massage Mounds (massages the soles of your feet), Power Wedge (stretches out your calves), Support Track (stretches out your hip flexors), Acupuncture Pressure Peaks (stimulates your feet). All of this plus a larger comfort mat than our competitors.
  • DON’T SETTLE FOR A FLAT MAT: Featured on Forbes and The Huffington Post, check out our Famous Kickstarter Video below in “Related Video Shorts” to see how it works. The TerraMat relieves the burden and pressure from standing all day so you can stand longer without fatigue and relief from aching feet, legs and back. Our mat combines the comfort mat of a flat mat and 3D features of an active mat with over 11 different possible stances, so you’ll never get bored!
  • EASILY TRANSITION FROM SIT TO STAND: The TerraMat slides out easily from under your desk using just one foot to position it.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your TerraMat purchase, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

More Info and Reviews

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Anonymous on August 15, 2019 at 10:49.

Durability Issues Having bought this in March 2017 for more a fair bit more than it’s going for now, I expected it to last quite a bit longer than 15 months. I have been standing on it on average 3 days out of the week for this time and it has not been exposed to direct sunlight. As you can see from the photos, the outer coating is cracking at many different areas (where it sees the most use) and small bits of it are falling off, littering the floor. It has been very useful during this time, but I can’t say I…

Anonymous on August 15, 2019 at 11:04.

Good design, quality is lacking

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