Change Your Brain: How to Change Your Life and Break Bad Habits. Transform Your Life and Change Your Mind by Overcoming Addictions, Resolving Conflicts and Building Trust. Face Your Fears.

You can make a difference by changing your brain…

Yes, you can change your brain for the better, and this audiobook will prove it.

You see, every single part of the brain works as a unit in harmony.

We’re blessed with a unique, rich, multi-sensory experience because of the brain.

We can communicate.

We can learn a new skill or language.

We can understand when others speak to us.

We’re creative.

We’re musical.

We’re able to share ideas that are extraordinarily complex with each other. We can appreciate the world and all its beauty and diversity. All of this is because of this incredible organ sitting up there in our minds, making all of this possible.

When the entire brain is functioning as it should, it’s phenomenal. There’s nothing else quite like it.

  • But what happens when it isn’t functioning the way it should?
  • What happens when your brain makes you fearful?
  • Traps you in a cycle of negative thought patterns and bad habits that hold you back in life?
  • What happens when your mind causes addiction to negativity?
  • What do you do then?

Are you trapped in this destructive cycle forever?

Not at all. Your brain is capable of incredible feats, and that includes change. It can change for the better but only if you tell it what to do. You see, as powerful as your brain is, nothing is more powerful than you are. Even more so when you’re driven by determination and the willpower needed to enforce change. 

Like the rest of you, your brain is constantly changing and evolving. It strengthens and sheds connections as you progress through life, and you have an active role to play in shaping the way your brain turns out. You decide what connections get stronger, and you choose which connections (like the ones linked to bad habits) should be discarded. What you need now are the right tools that help you do that, and that’s where Change Your Brain comes in. 

In this audiobook, you’re going to learn:

  • The principles of changing the brain.
  • How to change your mindset and illuminate your mind in the process.
  • Specific strategies to improve the brain.
  • The 6 most effective ways to shift your mindset and embrace change today!
  • The 10 other things you can do to literally change your brain.

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