Bodybuilding For Beginners: A 12-Week Program to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

New to bodybuilding? This book helps with the heavy lifting.

Bodybuilding for Beginners is the ultimate guide for new bodybuilders. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never set foot in a gym before: this book will have you bulking up in no time. Think of it as a personal trainer who’s always going to be there for you.

Get essential bodybuilding info, like detailed walkthroughs of 55 exercises that’ll work your legs, chest, arms, and everything in between. Looking for a quick start―without the guesswork? 84 straight days of suggested bodybuilding routines will build both your confidence and your muscles.

Bodybuilding for Beginners includes:

  • Bodybuilding exercises you need to know―Learn to lift, squat, and stretch with illustrated, step-by-step guides that cover 45 high-impact exercises, as well as 10 warm-ups and cool-downs.
  • Beginner bodybuilding plan―Make getting started simple with a complete 12-week plan designed to take you from new bodybuilder to experienced pro.
  • Eating for gains―Ensure your diet supports your gains with handy macronutrient guidelines, simple meal ideas, and easy food prepping tips.

Make it simple to get swole with Bodybuilding for Beginners.

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Anonymous on August 9, 2019 at 16:09.

I find this book good on how to do specific exercises and in providing a doable 12-week schedule to follow to get stronger. However I think any beginner book should also include information self-evaluation as to your starting strength and what weights to use and how to determine when to increase weight and how much to increasing weight by. It also lacks any guidance on what to do after the proposed 12 week program – guidance on what to do next to either continue to increase or to maintain…

Anonymous on August 9, 2019 at 16:17.

This is an easy-to-understand guide for those who are either a) brand new to weightlifting, or b) coming back to weightlifting after significant time away. I happen to be in the second group, after spending the first six months of the year non-weight bearing due to injury.With that in mind, my ortho recommended that I start lifting again cautiously, treating my body like I would as a true beginner so as not to add too much stress too quickly. This book does exactly that. It gives a…

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