Becoming A Threat To Addiction: How To Eliminate Relapse And Live Your Best Life

The popular recovery model of getting clean and preventing relapse is effective but does not go far enough. It is time to set our sights on something far greater and because of Jesus and what He has done for you, far greater is available and possible. Struggling to avoid triggers while living in fear of relapse is not recovery. “Becoming a Threat to Addiction” sets a new standard for addiction recovery and reveals how to go from living in addiction to threatening addiction and the darkness behind it. This book will enable you to make that journey by helping you:•Identify the little things that lead to big failures.•Eliminate once and for all the underlying causes of relapse.•Accurately define recovery.•Know how to generate desire for recovery when there seems to be none.•Understand the spiritual laws behind addiction recovery and how to use them to your advantage.•See why you can’t change a habit without changing the lifestyle it is connected to.•Understand the difference between outward hunger and inward hunger.•Understand the three stages of addiction recovery and where most people get stuck.•Recognize the difference between your spirit, soul, and body and how addiction recovery must include all three.•Establish the right foundation for your best life.

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Anonymous on August 21, 2019 at 17:14.

MUCH more than addiction recovery This book is broken down into easily digested chapters, is accompanied by varied examples and stories, and is filled with strong truth. While the topic of addiction recovery is the forefront theme of the book, it is also strongly rooted in principles of discipleship. I don’t know about you, but I am always striving to be a better disciple of Christ. The author presents true recovery as living your best life and presents practical ways to do so. Living your best life is applicable to everyone,…

Anonymous on August 21, 2019 at 17:18.

An Invaluable Resource!

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