Anger Management for Men: A Practical Guide to Control your Emotions, Defuse Anger, Recover Self Control and Finally Find Balance in your Life again

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Are you realizing that you have troubles managing your anger?
Are you looking for a practical self-help guide specifically written for men with anger management problems?

Then keep reading…

If you are tired of the usual generic books on anger management with general tips often written for men, then this book is for you!!
Men and women are not the same thing and express their anger in very different ways … so why should they manage it with the same tips and techniques?

This book will teach you:

  • What anger is
  • Differences between anger in man and anger in women
  • Most frequent causes of anger in men
  • When anger become a problem for your health
  • Negative effects of anger in men
  • Specific Anger Management strategies for men
  • Best tips for cooling down when you’re angry

Managing anger can be very complicated without right guidelines and this book will help you understand origins of your anger giving you the skills to identify its triggers

All is written with a very clear language and step by step description of the most effective and suitable management techniques for men.

So, are you ready to know how manage your anger and recover self control?

Download This Book Today and finally find balance in your life AGAIN!

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Anonymous on August 11, 2019 at 03:10.

This is a book that really makes you think about yourself and the way that your mind portrays certain situations. It helps to understand the origins of anger in your head and helps to find ways to alleviate the actions that go along with anger.The activities in the workbook are a great way to see situations that you were involved in from a different perspective. In doing the activities you can have a further understanding of how to approach similar situations better in the…

Anonymous on August 11, 2019 at 03:40.

Absolutely essential book to understanding anger. The book is accurate in Aaron’s view of anger, how most people cope, and makes you think about the past in the present, doing a good soul search within yourself, and use techniques to manage your anger, and not manage others for your own self health. All is written with a very clear language and step by step description of the most effective and suitable management techniques for men. So our therapist approves! Its a good book if the man…

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