Anger Management: Definitive Guide to Develop Emotional Intelligence and Self Discipline, Recognize and Control Anger

People are looking around today, more than ever, and finding many reasons to get angry on the other side, there are so many people who are doing everything they can to make sure they also remain cool, calm, and collected. Economic issues, school violence, partisan politics, the pressures of a culture that is increasingly rapidly, even urban drift. If you speak about this with other individuals, you’re likely to come up with a consensus that anger issues get worse. Furthermore, the amount of pressure experienced by people – one of the major causes of anger – is getting worse, not better.

The excellent news is that issues with anger can be solved. For the rest of your life, you don’t have to fight with anger, and you definitely don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Psychologists understand much more than they did a generation ago about anger. An extremely advanced level has been achieved by the present science knowledge of what anger is, what causes it, and the related hazards. At the same moment, a tremendous amount of job has been performed to find out what works and what is not being achieved from the point of view of handling and avoiding difficult anger. The main aim of this audiobook is to provide you with this data in a consistent, easy-to-use way.

In this audiobook you will learn:

  • How to effectively control your emotions and keep yourself out of trouble
  • How to apply cognitive behavioral techniques to everyday activities to ensure that your emotions are always in your control all the time and you never lose your cool.
  • Learn what anger really is, anger can be good or bad but you have control over both and you can decide whether or not being angry is really worth it.
  • How to increase your emotional strength
  • Difference between an optimist, an idealist, a realist, and a cynic
  • How to become a better person overall
  • And much more…

This audiobook provides significant flexibility in anger management program execution. Most of the methods can be used alone, but they can be combined with other concepts and methods as well. You have all the data you need to develop a program of anger management that suits your distinctive requirements, situation and character.

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